Every hero comes from somewhere. Maybe he knew his parents. Perhaps he was a war orphan or the ward of a religious order. Regardless, he claims the bloodline of one (or sometimes more) of the civilized races that share the world.


The most adaptable, prolific, and diverse race is by far the humans. Constantly seeking new frontiers, the ambition of the relatively short-lived humans has provided some of the most significant achievements (for good and for ill) in the fields of politics, science, and the arcane arts. Dungeons and Dragons bases its attribute values on the range of the human norm – a score of 10 or 11 representing the human norm. After base Attributes are assigned or rolled, a human character adds +2 to the Attribute of his the player’s choice.

Elf, Eladrin, and Drow

These three races share a common origin in primordial times in the twilight realm of the Feywild, the moonlit and verdant echo of the material world. The Elves represent a lineage that embraced the forests of this world as their permanent home. The self-styled “high elves” as Eladrin are commonly called continue to walk between the two worlds, their twilight cities built where the veil between the two is thin. “Dark Elves” as the Drow are known, are a race of kin-slayers seduced by the spider-goddess Lloth and banished to the sunless Underdark of the earth. Heroic Drow are the rare few who rejected the senseless brutality of their society and lived to tell the tale. Elves and Drow live anywhere from five to ten times the average human lifespan. By virtue of the different flow of time in the Feywild it is rumored that some Eladrin elders have lives that span thousands of earthly years.


The city-states of Arkhosia were once the proud domain of royal lines of dragons. Their subject kingdoms were inhabited by their distant kin, the hominid Dragonborn. Though the cities of Arkhosia perished in conflict with the Tiefling Empire of Bael Turath in the dim past, the Dragonborn persevered in the form of noble clans scattered far and wide. Their culture survives despite all of the years without a homeland, simply by dedication to concepts like honor, tradition, and nobility.

Half-Elf and Half-Orc


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