Characters are called upon to make skill checks in challenges where training and knowledge in a discipline, art, or technique would come in handy. Each character class has such training associated with it, and a particularly adept or studious character might expand their field of study by means of Character Feats as well. Each skill uses a linked Ability for it bonus or penalty when making a check. Characters trained in a skill also add +5 to their skill rolls using that skill. Some skill checks and options may only be available to characters trained in said skill.

Acrobatics (Dexterity)

Use this skill for any sort of acrobatic stunt, balancing act, or anything else you’ve ever seen Jackie Chan do in a movie.

Arcana (Intelligence)

If you need to identify a magical item, creature, script, or the like you need to know your way around this skill.

Athletics (Strength)

Swimming, Climbing, Jumping, or Wrestling your way out of trouble are all examples of Athletics checks. When being powerful is more important than being nimble you’ve come to the right place.

Bluff (Charisma)

From telling a bold-faced lie to performing a feint in combat, bluffing is the age-old art of manipulative deception. This skill is typically opposed by a victim’s passive Insight score.

Diplomacy (Charisma)

When social poise, rational argument, or passionate rhetoric can get you what you want you bring down the hammer of diplomacy. If you haggle or negotiate in good faith you’re using the diplomacy skill as well.

Dungeoneering (Wisdom)

This skill represents knowledge of indoor and underground environments – from castle construction to the ecology of sunless catacombs miles beneath the surface of the world. It also encompasses knowledge of so-called “aberrant” monsters – creatures from realms of madness beneath or beyond this world.

Endurance (Constitution)

Characters that are forced to try to function while being deprived of food, water, or even breathable air all rely on Endurance to see them threw. As those exposed to extreme elements or virulent diseases put their skills and talents in this field to the test.

Heal (Wisdom)

The study of life through the anatomy is the crux of this skill. A character’s heal skill determines his competence in first aid, battlefield medicine, disease treatment, and physical anatomy.

History (Intelligence)

From dusty, academic tomes to grand folk-lore of extinct tribes, History is the accumulation of knowledge about what has come before. Training in this skill opens the character’s base of knowledge up to more esoteric or obscure details beyond the common purview.

Insight (Wisdom)
Intimidate (Charisma)
Nature (Wisdom)
Perception (Wisdom)
Religion (Intelligence)
Stealth (Dexterity)
Streetwise (Charisma)
Thievery (Dexterity)


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